Thinking On Your Feet: Location Portraiture


Photography is a thought process. Top commercial shooter Salem Krieger likes to say he photographs the unknown. What does that mean? It means that when he goes out on assignments he never knows what he’s going to have to deal with. From sudden location switches and more, there are always last-minute changes that require improvisation. Add to that the short time frame during which his subjects may be available to him, and he often has to think fast to get the portrait. Salem has a larger perspective than many photographers; starting out as an illustrator, he has always had one foot in the art world, and that is the source of most of his influences.

In this class he shows his work and discusses his approach to it—and how you can apply this approach to your own work. Krieger discusses how to look and see, how to think on your feet and deal with the unknown, how to go in with a concept and work out the details of the portrait on site, how to work fast and come back with the shots.

Discussion 1

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loved listening...great video!