The 15 Features of Your DSLR that Every Photographer Should Know


To follow up on one of B&H's most successful video trainings, taught by Jeff Cable, "The Top 15 Features of Photoshop Every Photographer Should Know," Cable is back to teach "The Top 15 Features of Your DSLR Every Photographer Should Know."

To capture great images, it is imperative that you know these basics. Even seasoned professionals have to become familiar with each new camera body, so that they can react to almost any situation and shoot without delay. This class will cover the most important buttons, menus and dials of your DSLR, from the shooting modes to exposure compensation and flash control. Learn to take control of your DSLR camera and start shooting in creative ways. Jeff shoots with Canon cameras, but the training pertains to most newer DSLR cameras, regardless of brand.


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You should include a table of contents with the subjects covered and at what times throughout the video. There are several videos that have been posted that I would like to watch parts of but do not have time to watch the entire thing, but end up spending more time searching and less time watching. Just a suggestion, but thank you for providing the info! Keep it coming!

Great video, and in answer to the previous comment, I compiled this:
0:00 Introduction
3:20 Exposure Modes
Discussion of DOF, motion blur, and situations that require shooting in manual.
8:30 Desired Aperture
Using DOF to direct the focus of the viewer.
16:10 Desired ISO
Effect of ISO on shutter, aperture, and image quality.
22:25 Shooting Modes
Using continuous or burst mode to capture action or expressions.
25:00 Focus Modes
Following action using autofocus.
30:30 Back Focusing
Change the focus button to focus and shoot separately
35:55 Changing Your Focal Points
Set center point focus for the default, and learn to change when needed.
41:10 Exposure Compensation
Adjust for conditions.
44:35 Custom White Balance
Generally shoot raw, but save editing time with custom white balance.
46:28 Highlight Control
Using "blinkies" to avoid blown highlights.
49:20 Metering Modes
When to change from evaluative and using back metering.
53:13 Live View
Using it for mirror lock, framing, fine focus, and exposure preview.
56:25 Flash
When to use flash, controlling output, and using additional flash.
1:03:25 Image Stabilization
When to turn it on or off. Turn off on a tripod.
1:04:22 The "Beep"
Learn to turn off the focus beep in quiet environments.
1:05:15 Customize Your Menus
Using custom menus to create shortcuts to your favorite features.

Love the content but the production could be so much better - Just a thought!

can't you just put your lens on manual mode rather than go through the whole back focus thing ! He says it's a pain but I think it's much easier...