An Affair to Remember, with Ryan Brenizer


If commercial photographers are like scientists in a laboratory, then wedding photographers are like MacGyver—it’s often not about what you can do, but what you can do in three minutes with everything working against you!

Not every wedding is exquisitely lit by a million-dollar lighting designer, nor do you always have that perfect sunset in the background. This is a world of tight schedules, lighting and backgrounds out of your control, and subjects who are often afraid of being in front of a camera. Maybe you thought you’d get two hours in a park, and instead you get five minutes in a parking lot. Maybe that lens you were relying on got knocked down the stairs by a careless wedding guest. Learning to take great photos even when everything is working against you is the surest path to success as an event and wedding photographer.

Few photographers know this better than Ryan Brenizer. With a background in photojournalism, covering three U.S. presidents, Nobel Prize winners, Muhammad Ali and many other celebrity subjects, Ryan has become one of New York City’s top working wedding photographers. He is shooting more than 60 weddings a year across a broad spectrum; from exquisitely planned destination weddings as far as Singapore, to weddings in backyards and gymnasiums, and he’s learned tricks to deal with any kind of scenario. Sometimes, he’s even invented new techniques, such as the "Brenizer Method" for creating images with extremely shallow depth of field—impossible with normal lenses.

This Workshop will teach you his special tricks for shooting in some of the toughest scenarios, including:

  • Overcoming blinding sun with little speedlights
  • Beautiful and quick to set up portrait lighting in low light
  • Attractive lighting scenarios
  • Working through portrait sessions quickly and efficiently while keeping your subjects comfortable.

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Good ideas and nice approach. However, he has something that many wedding photographers cannot afford or have with them, i.e., an assistant. How sweet it would be.

Secondly, many of his pictures are posed and take time. Most of my weddings are rush, rush, rush. The shots he shows are beautiful but not real world in my world.....not the real deal.

I like his style for certain types of images. His creativity is admirable and I am certain get him noticed. However, once again, not sure for most wedding photographers if what he does is possible under the circumstances one typically faces.

Enjoyed listening and found it to be informative. I would like to work with him on his presentations skills...He could have delivered the same message is less time and more effectively. However, that has nothing to do with shooting weddings.

Thanks for sharing this video.