The Copyright Zone Guys


Everything you want to know about Copyright and other legal issues, but were too scared to ask. There is a boatload of bad information, myths, factoids and half-truths about Copyright and other photo related legal issues, such as model releases, floating around.

Photographer Jack Reznicki and lawyer Ed Greenberg  both demystify and illuminate in their easy, humorous and understandable manner that only this pairing of a photographer and lawyer with so much “real life, in-the-trenches” experience, can provide. Just like their popular "Copyright Zone" column in Photoshop User magazine, and their book, Photographer’s Survival Guide, they have a light and humorous touch and approachable explanations of these usually dry subjects. As one past attendee to their lecture stated, it will “rock your world.”

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A great lecture guys. Thanks. I just checked and ordered your book from my local library. I hope that I'll need Ed's service even though I'm only a semi-serious old amateur. My interest goes back a long way, to Hi school and black and white darkroom enlarging.

What about photographing copyrighted artwork?
There is a business locally that states the sculptures that are created by artists and that are on display are
copyrighted artwork and any photographs are to be used for personal use only. Use of photos for commercial or for profit sales are prohibited without written authorization from the business.
They also state that the photographs taken by volunteer photographers becomes theirs (they own it and the copyright to it), and the volunteer photographer has no rights to the photographs.
What are the rules in this situation?
This has been a heated debate between volunteer photographers.
THANK YOU for your comments in this regard.

Couldn't you export a contact sheet as a PDF instead submitting a ZIP file of JPEGs?

hello, is it possible to download a podcast or audio for this talk? thanks!