Digiscoping with Swarovski, Part 2


In this follow-up to "Digiscoping with Swarovski, Part 1", Larry Becker of Kelby Media goes beyond the specifics of using the Swarovski ATX series of scopes and gives some general tips and tricks for successful digiscoping with both DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras. Along the way, you'll see some great high-magnification wildlife photos that he was able to capture.

With his Swarovski setup, Becker demonstrates how to deal with common high-magnification digiscoping issues such as blur, haze, and getting enough light to the camera's sensor. He also walks through the steps of attaching a Swarovski scope to a point-and-shoot camera using a DCB II Digiscoping Swing Adapter, and explains why it's mroe advantageous to use a pan head instead of a traditional ball head.

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Really enjoyed this series, but two things:

1) I'm not sure who invented the centre column for the tripod, but it should never be used with long lenses. Okay, if you MUST extend the centre column, just be aware that you've turned your tripod into a monopod.

2) The 'eagle in a pine tree eating a fish' he mentions is an Osprey. ;-)