How to View Real "3D" Photos on a Computer


The three-dimensional images captured by a Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera are best appreciated when the camera is attached by HDMI cable to a 3D TV viewed with LCD shutter glasses, but what if you want to see the pictures on a computer while you’re wearing anaglyphic glasses?

According to a senior product manager at Fujifilm, your best bet is to use a freeware program called Stereo Photo Maker. You need a Windows computer or a Mac running Windows-emulation software. In batch mode, the program lets you convert multiple 3D images with one command.

The native format on the 3D W3 is a Multi-Picture Object or MPO file. In order to see the 3D effect using inexpensive red-cyan colored (anaglyphic) glasses, you convert the MPO into a stereoscopic JPEG file. It uses a JPS extension, which stands for JPEG-stereoscopic. You can recognize a JPS image because if you’re not wearing anaglyphic glasses, colors appear out of registration and the image is blurry.

Mac owners who’d rather cut off an arm than install virtual Windows do have alternatives. They can check out the Fuji W3 3D QuickLook plug-in, a freeware program meant for personal use.

Another option is Anaglyph Workshop, a program that enables users to create anaglyphs from a variety of different platforms. The program is available in both Mac- and Windows-compatible versions. It’s from Sandy Knoll Software.

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