Inside the Collector’s Mind


For some, photography is about capturing family moments, or documenting vacations with the ultimate goal of sharing the images with friends. For others, the desire is to have their work recognized and perhaps even purchased. This informative 100-minute video offers insights into the latter category, and presents the whole issue of fine art photography, galleries, auctions and the collector, from both sides of the aisle.

Alice Sachs Zimet by her own admission is not a professional collector, but someone who collects for the love of the art. However, her very significant credentials lend weight to what she has to offer. The first hour deals with the mindset of the collector, interjected with references as to how that thought process impacts the aspiring photographer. It begins to provide insights as to what is needed for entry into the rarefied world of the successful artist.

The final forty minutes deal with issues specifically from the photographer’s perspective, with helpful tips and suggestions from someone in the field, guiding both the newcomer and emerging artist. Within this section, thirty minutes is devoted to questions from the audience, many of whom are photographers, with Ms. Zimet’s thoughtful answers helping to consolidate all of the information presented.