Intro to DSLR: Choosing and Using a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera


For those relatively new to DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) photography, David Brommer introduces the concepts, the terminology, the workflow and the use of these cameras in a comprehensive three-hour presentation. He also talks about processing and archiving software and issues that entail the use of computers in digital photography.

Later on, Brommer discusses the technical aspects of using these DSLRs such as shooting modes; highlights the new video functionality that is become more and more prevalent; and rounds out the talk with specific descriptions of some of his favorite cameras.

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Great!!!! My granddauthers and their school mates are going on a trip to Spain next month. All are equiped with the Nikon d5100 and today was a wonderful time for them. They were able to watch and fill their note books with so much information. Today was the first time they had visited your site, I can ****** you it won't be the last. Please keep up the good work.

Thank You


I found this presentation incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for making it available here!