An Introduction to Photoshop CS6: Learning the Basics of Photo Manipulation


For decades Adobe Photoshop has been an enormously powerful and helpful tool for image makers everywhere. Unfortunately, as each edition has brought new controls and functions, it has also become somewhat daunting to learn how to use the program. This is especially true if you're just coming into Photoshop with version CS6, having never used a previous version and not knowing where to begin.

Thanks to Andy Graber and the B&H Event Space you can now learn the basics of Photoshop for photo manipulation and processing, and receive an excellent introduction into the new features found only in Photoshop CS6. In just two hours, Andy explains how photographers with all levels of expertise can get the most out of this complex piece of software. He doesn't just explain when to use each tool, but also how to use it.

You'll learn about using layers, transformations and retouching techniques, along with time-saving tips, tricks and shortcuts that help you work faster and more efficiently and also ensure that you don't start your editing with any bad habits. Feel free to leave comments on your experiences using Photoshop in the Comments section, below.

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Thanks for the wonderful post.

Very informational and great tips!
Thank you ;)

Top drawer! I have a long career in photography but I'm new to Ps and need all the instruction I can get. Keep 'em coming. Great stuff from the best yet--Andy Graber. Bravo!

Thank you so much for this! A video is anytime more effective than notes.It has cleared most of my doubts about Photoshop!

Enjoyed (and learned a lot) from both this intro to cs6 and the previous compositing/masking video on YouTube.  Thank you.

I have used PhotoShop since PS7 but your way of teaching/explaining gets more across and magically, I'm remembering the shortcuts.