Learning to Create Pleasing Blurs


Nature photographers Denise Ippolito and Arthur Morris co-authored the hugely popular eBook, “A Guide to Pleasing Blurs,” and their program covers the great variety of techniques that can be used to create pleasingly blurred images, mostly in-camera in the field, and at times, during post processing.

Topics that are discussed and illustrated include pan blurs, vertical pan blurs, zoom blurs, camera movement blurs including flame and jiggles, flash blurs, subject movement blurs including moving water blurs, long exposure blurs, the need for accurate focusing, managing your ISO settings, in-camera multiple exposures, subject to film plane orientation, the role of neutral density and polarizing filters when creating pleasing blurs, choice of shutter speeds and how subject-to-sensor distance affects the degree of blurring.

With the advent of digital photography and the popularity of intentionally blurred images in prestigious nature photography competitions, more and more people are enjoying the challenges and rewards of creating pleasing blurs. Whether you photograph wildlife, flowers, people, street scenes, or landscapes, this is one program that you will not want to miss, if you would like to unleash your creativity. Join Denise www.deniseippolito.com/ and Arthur www.BIRDSASART-blog.com/ for an afternoon of fun and learning.