Event Space Video: Medium Format Digital Workflow - Lit, Loaded and Ready to Shoot


Francis Westfield from Mamiya Leaf presents a ninety-minute talk on working with medium-format cameras, especially when it comes to post workflow. The answer to the question, “Has medium format overcome its inherent limitations?” is a definite yes, as Francis goes through a rigorous discussion of Capture One software, both when capturing images to CF cards, and when tethered to a computer for live review.

For the digital technician who has to sort through hundreds of images from a commercial photo shoot, the Pro version of the software provides all the tools necessary for sorting, analyzing, correcting and outputting finished images. Remote control of the camera is also illustrated, when it’s used in a tethered situation.

During the video, several test shootings are performed by members of the audience with the company’s medium format digital camera, and at the end Westfield demos the brand new Credo back, with its twelve stops of dynamic range and touch-screen operation.

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