Optimizing and Sharing Photos With Lightroom 5


There can be tremendous satisfaction in sharing your favorite photographic images, but of course you want to be sure every image looks its best before you share it with others. Listen and watch as Tim Grey explains how.

In this B&H online video, Grey discusses practical techniques for using Lightroom, including the latest features in Lightroom 5, to truly make the most of your digital photos, and then learn how to share those images in various ways with others.

Acquire the knowledge you need to optimize the tonal range and overall luminance values in your photos to ensure the most pleasing color possible, as well as understanding how to correct common image-quality issues, and much more. Grey also presents some of the ways you can share your photos with others quickly and easily through various online services, through printing, as slideshows, and more. The resulting perspective you gain from Grey's expertise will better enable you to optimize your photos to suit any of your goals.


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Finally! A video to show how to use the Develop module in LR5, what the various controls are, and most importantly HOW to use them, and the EFFECT on the image. This is great info!

There are a number of videos that seem to concentrate on the Library module and how to organize and find your photos which is important stuff by the way. To me, the real power of LR5 is in the Develop and the other modules.

Tim Gray is an awesome speaker, and I truly love the videos where he as been the host. Thank you to Tim and to B&H Photo for presenting this video.