Three-Point Lighting Tutorial


Three-point lighting is a crucial skill for both videographers and photographers. In this video, Mia McCormick of Kelby Media gives a simple tutorial on three-point lighting for video. Learn where to place the key, fill and backlight, how to adjust them, and different ways to alter a standard setup in order to create dramatic effects.

Not only is the concept of three-point lighting explained, but McCormick runs through a few representative video lighting kits that will let you put these principles into practice. The tutorial weighs the pros and cons of using tungsten, fluorescent and LED lighting, and demonstrates examples of each type of lighting kit. 

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Mia mentioned that LED kits were available for under $1000. The least expensive iKan kits we have is currently under $1200.

This iLED312-v2 3-Point Light Kit 3-Point from ikan provides an all-in-one solution for small interview situations. The kit includes three iLED312-v2 light units, each with a diffuser an AC adapter two L-type batteries, heavy duty shoe mount, individual soft case and a compact light stand. Three dual chargers are included as is a soft-sided kit case to store and transport it all. Each light's digital readout displays the 100-10% dimming level and color temperature range of 3,200 to 5,600K, which allows you to quickly adjust your lights to match the environment.

The MiniBurst 128 / 256 3-Point Lighting System from Digital Juice is useful when portable, dimmable bright light and minimal heat are priorities. The three LED lights in this compact kit deliver an equivalent of 500W of tungsten power, while still providing a bright, long-lasting lighting that is needed in a complete, portable lighting solution for a photo or video project. This versatile, cool-running lighting system works for everything from talking head interviews and product shots in confined spaces to large scale productions in a studio environment. The MiniBurst 3-Point Lighting System includes 2 MiniBurst 256 LED light fixtures and a MiniBurst 128 LED light fixture along with a power supply adapter, battery, battery charger, car charger adapter, diffusion/warming filters, and a mini ball head for each light.

The SpectroLED-14 Three Light Kit (120VAC/12VDC) by Genaray includes two 14" LED lights, one 9" LED light, diffusers, cables, power sources and 3 light stands. Two wired remote dimmers and a 5.4' Mini Boom and a 5/8" Stud adapter complete the kit. The 14.5" 10-100% dimming SpectroLED 14 fixture has a 60° beam angle and a color temperature of 5,600K. 1,144 LEDs output an impressive brightness equivalent many times its nominal 75W rating. The smaller 9.5" diameter SpectroLED 9 has the same dimming qualities, power efficiency and color temperature. In a field dominated by rectangular or square arrays Genaray has made the wise choice to make their studio lights circular. Not only does the increased surface area have more wrap-around light characteristics but the shape renders pleasing, natural-looking catchlights in your subject's eyes. And if you're doing portraiture you can soften the SpectroLED output while widening its native 60 degree coverage by slipping the included 3/4 stop diffusion sock over the reflector.

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How much light really depends on the exposure you want to use and ISO rating. The best approach is to try and have too much light as you can always dim it down with difusers and flags or by just moving your lights further away from your subject.