The Business of Wedding Photography


This Event Space video with Moshe Zusman covers the ins and outs of starting a wedding photography business including: Impact Marketing, Client Consultation, Style Development and Evolution, Social Media, Websites, Blogs and SEO, and Pricing. Zusman’s teaching style is to use witty anecdotes that amuse and inform the audience throughout his half hour presentation. He begins with lessons that cover educating your client and successfully selling yourself. The next sections deal with managing the trajectory of your business and the evolution of your photography. Zusman’s presentation closes with an introduction to viral marketing through social media, websites and blogs. Plus, he also sneaks in sections that cover creating a brand and how to effectively price your services. This is an introductory presentation that covers a handful of first steps for creating your own wedding photography business. The general emphasis of the presentation is on the importance of the perception of professionalism and the relationship with the client.

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It was an amazing time that I spent in front of my PC. I felt really
happy. This person, who gave his advices and splain everything in simple words. He gave me more than I was wating for. Thanks for gave us a lot of things that we will improve our bussiness.

There is a typo at this link leading to your video:

In the section "Expert Advice," Iit says "The Buisness of Wedding Photography"

You may want to correct that~~