The Top 15 Features of Photoshop Every Photographer Should Know


Sure, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of tools and commands in Adobe Photoshop. In this B&H Event Space video, Jeff Cable teaches you the top 15 to get you retouching faster and more effectively. If you are a still photographer, you are not concerned with 3D, video features and hundreds of other commands. Learn the 15 key features of Photoshop that will help you elevate a good photo to a great photo, every time you apply them.

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Your presentations have been very interesting and helpful to watch, Jeff. I've already learned a lot from you.


He always talks about time management and I wonder why he does not use Lightroom 4. I can edit and sync all my images with critical adjustments very very fast before I have to bring my images over to Photoshop. I typically shoot a job ranging from 1000-4000 RAW images and Lightroom 4 saves me hours in processing time.

I tend to use LR for image management, too, but I think his point was that the other program was faster and especially since he doesn't edit all the photos. That's something I must discipline myself to do, especially since LR4 is so slow compared to prior versions. I do believe the UI for raw controls is much better in LR than in PS.

I appreciated the opportunity that B&H Photo provided with posting this lecture for free on the website. The videographer should be complemented with the video editing. Especially appreciated was the posting of questions the audience asked but could not be understood originally because of the microphone placement.
The lecturer was obviously very knowledgeable on his topic. His lack of organization took away from his emphasis and the ability to convey his knowledge to the general audience. He started out with 15 points he was going to discuss to improve our usage of Photoshop but was too varied on his topics. He changed the number of points and never stated this is number "such and such" for emphasis and memory. There was too much time moving through various photos that easily could have been done ahead of time, put in one folder and brought up when the point was to be mentioned. This was obvious when toward the end he was talking about the favorite shot of "the Olympics" he searched for it and then went on. We never saw the photo or nothing else was mentioned of the photo.
The lecture was worth my time because I did take away some points that I can use in my photography which I greatly appreciate. The emphasis of the points by the speaker would have been much more enriching if there were not so many distractions that could have been taken care of if more preparation and organization by the speaker had taken place.

A two hour class - I spent several evenings watching it, but I took notes, tried stuff, and it was most enjoyable and productive for me. Thanks BH for presenting it. And thanks to the lecturer.

Have taken a number of multi-hour/days PS courses at UNM continuing education and none had the useful and concise content of this course not to mention that this course of free. Thank you BH Photo for making this course available. I look forward to more PS classes.

I liked the lecture. Photoshop is such a vast a deep program that is is interesting to see how someone else presents the material. I have taught Photography at a University for 8 years and I can say, it takes three years to master the art of one class, and kudos to Jeff for getting the world out there on the knowledge he has to share. I came out of a commercial background and what he gave was some pretty sound good advice. What more can you ask?

Video worked for 17 minutes and then stopped. Tried everything and it would not play beyond that point. Not very happy!!

Is it possible to download this video as well as the other about the top 15 features of the DSLR?
I'm an American customer of BandH but currently living in a developing country and have an unreliable internet connection so streaming such a long video can be a very frustrating and unreliable exercise!