Wedding Photography in Motion


In this 4-hour seminar, Kelly Mena demonstrates what goes into creating a visually artistic and cinematic wedding video that even families will want to watch. From the ins-and-outs of filming a wedding to how to market yourself, this program emphasizes using creativity as a means of maintaining a business through art.

Mena begins with a discussion on using one’s artistic eye to capture the day, including composition, camera choice, camera functions and tricks, and using one’s environment to enhance imagery. The lecture also takes into consideration the importance of editing and choice of music in setting the tone and presentation of footage.

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Link does not seem to work.

Nice presentation by Mena. I've been a member of WEVA since the 80's and started shooting wedding videos back in 1980. It is always good to have demonstrations like this to keep up to date with the industry and refresh one's techniques plus add support to what you are already doing or know how to do.
I did encounter an issue with the video. It played fine for the first 49 minutes then jumped to the ending. I tried several times but could not get past the 49 minute point. Up to that point the presentation was great.

I had the same problem with it stopping in the middle and just jumping to the end. Never the less what I saw was very informative, thank you.

I very interested in the name of the film workshop that was mention in the first minute or two of the video that is in Maine where 20 shorts were created in 2 months! Sounds like an amazing experience and I would love something like that.

I am currently located in San Diego CA so if you know of a similar workshop in California please let me know!

Thank you, now time to watch the rest of the video :)

Hey guys. Thanks for this video. I am an editor for a wedding videographer who often picks up cheap 2nd shooters. After some horrible experiences, we now want to make anyone who wants to work as a second watch this as part of their training.

The only problem? The video cuts out at 2:21. Doesn't seem to appear in it's full form anywhere else either.

There's still lots of good content as-is, but I'd love to have the rest as a reference.


I found this an excellent seminar. had no problem viewing from beginning to end. Thanks B&H.

Great Tip & Inform