Wet Plate Collodion in the Digital Age


In this digital age of blazing-fast cameras and instant photography, why would anyone want to take the longest route possible to make a photograph? Let's explore this 150-year-old process and unveil the magic of this beautiful and mysterious photographic technique.

Through the history of photography and leading up to the wet-plate era, learn why wet plate collodion became such an important photographic process. Take a step-by-step look into the technique and art of wet plate collodion, using antique brass lenses, and experience the benefits this process offers over any other modern process.

Francesco Mastalia also shows and discusses his latest documentary project, titled “ORGANIC Farmers & Chefs of the Hudson Valley." Driving more than 14,000 miles with a large format wooden camera, portable darkroom, and a brass lens made in 1870, Mastalia photographed more than 100 farmers and chefs using the wet plate collodion process. He talks about working on a long-term project and creating images that have meaning.

This seminar is primarily focused on portraits.