Pioneer's Washable In-Ear Sports Headphones


When your ear buds become soiled from extended use, being able to rinse them off is a real option with Pioneer’s new SE-CL331 Washable In-Ear Sports Headphones. Sand from the beach, soil kicked up from hiking, airborne particles delivered by virtue of living in a dust-storm-swept place like Phoenix or plain perspiration are all palpable reasons to bathe those buds.

Beyond the hygienic benefits, the SE-CL331s offer excellent sound quality and deep bass performance. IPX5- and IPX7-compliant (official water-resistant classification), the Pioneer earphones come with interchangeable ear tips in four sizes (L, M, S and XS), carrying pouch and 3.9-inch L-type 3.5mm cord. The earbuds are available in four colors: yellow, blue, pink or white.