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POLAR Loop Fitness Tracker

Health consciousness and tech have formed quite an alliance, and POLAR is at the forefront of that alliance with wearable activity trackers.

The company’s new line of activity watches allows you to track your movement 24/7, and use that data to provide fitness goals that will help you to focus on your personal health. These fitness trackers are integrated into the Polar Flow ecosystem, which consists of the Polar Flow app and web service, which can help you maintain your daily activities digitally, and provide feedback on the intensity, frequency, and effectiveness of your training regimen, along with calories burned, heart rate, and a training diary.

The fully functioning watch, with a time and date LED screen, also includes a built-in pedometer and is rechargeable via USB. It can last five days on a single charge, and is water resistant, so it can be worn while running in the rain, swimming, even in the shower. It can also alert you when you have been inactive for too long.

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