Watershot Underwater Housings for iPhone and iPad Keep Devices Dry


Recreational and professional divers, researchers, and underwater photographers know how important it can be to have access to cameras, as well as smartphone-based dive computers, deep beneath the waves. Watershot’s underwater housings for iPhone and iPad allow you to use your trusty mobile device in extreme, high-pressure environments—without springing a leak.

iPhone 6 users can take advantage of the Watershot PRO Housing, which keeps smartphones dry down to 195', with a heavy-duty locking latch system. This housing is aimed at photographers and utilizes capacitive buttons built into the screen window whose function is to depress buttons within the Watershot camera app. On the other side of the housing, you’ll find a glass flat port lens that lets you use your iPhone's camera without any zoom or distortion, and a threaded bezel that allows for the use of lenses and filters. If you’d like to capture even more scenery in your shots, the Watershot PRO Housing Kit includes a removable 0.39X Watershot wide-angle lens, capable of an expansive 110° field of view. Underneath, a ¼"-20 universal tripod adapter makes mounting easy.

iPad users can plumb even deeper depths with the Watershot iDive Housing. This heavy-duty case is capable of taking the iPad 2, 3, 4, or Air to 328 feet below the surface while retaining full touchscreen operability. To survive at those depths, the housing can be hooked up to a first-stage regulator hose feed via a rear-mounted pressure balance module, so you can put a layer of air between the iPad’s screen and the iDive’s membrane. The pressure-management system also allows you to bleed off air easily and gradually as you ascend. The iDive retains the PRO iPhone housing’s flat-port lens and threaded lens bezel while adding five threaded mounting bosses for mounting or adding accessories like grips or light units.