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How to Take Screenshots from an iOS Device


Sometimes you wish you could save a temporary image you see on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Well, it’s not necessary to point a camera at the screen. Simply keep the Home button pressed as you also quickly press the Sleep/Wake button as if it were the shutter button on a camera. The screen will blink. Whatever you see on the screen (including an image you’ve enlarged), will be captured to the Photos/Saved Photos folder. It’s saved as a PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file, successor to the GIF format.

You can send the image as a photo, but why depend on Wi-Fi or use up part of your 3G data plan, when you can simply attach the iOS device and its USB cable to a computer? If you’re running Windows, a dialog box will appear in which one of the options is to “Download pictures from a camera or scanner.” Clicking on it brings up a wizard that lets you choose which pictures to copy. Then, just select the directory to copy them into. Alternatively, you can synch the photos via iTunes, which will treat screen shots as it would any photo.

Incidentally, screen grabs are not limited to the Safari browser. You should be able to save anything you see on your touch screen for posterity.