New Senal SMH-1000 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones


Senal has just introduced the SMH-1000 Studio Monitor Headphones that aim to meet the needs of sound engineers and other audio professionals who demand accurate headphone monitoring in a long-lasting package.  Tailored with an EQ curve for professional field and studio monitoring and built tough for durability, the new SMH-1000 headphones feature a classic closed-back, collapsible design with a few innovations of their own.

The headphones ship with two detachable twist-locking cables: one coiled and one straight. The coiled cable, which stretches from about 6’ to 10’, is ideal for studio and home entertainment use. The flexible length allows for free movement around the studio whether you’re leveling the band’s headphone mixes at a 96-channel console, or tracking a bass take while standing across the room from the headphone amp in your home studio. The coiled cable can even come in handy for just lounging on your couch and listening to music, because the flexible length allows you to keep a comfortable distance from the sound source.

The straight cable, on the other hand, which is shorter at 3’, is specifically designed for use in the field. Whether you’re connecting to a portable mixer to monitor your boom mic, or to a field recorder that’s capturing outdoor ambient sound, the short, straight cable gives you just enough length to comfortably connect to your gear without having to manage a bunch of extra coiled cable as you would with many other headphones on the market. Also, the absence of extraneous slack makes the straight cable ideal for connecting to compact mobile devices and players.

Another point worth mentioning is that the SMH-1000’s 40mm neodymium drivers are set at 58-ohm impedance. This ensures that the headphones will be loud enough when connected to low powered portable devices, but also won’t be easily overdriven when used with studio headphone amps.

Now, if you’ve ever spent all day on location recording dialog, or all night at home cutting guitar tracks, the next bit might interest you. The SMH-1000s boast a pronounced yet smooth midrange that helps reduce ear fatigue over prolonged periods, while maintaining focus on vocal and dialogue intelligibility. In other words, because the frequencies we focus on most are slightly boosted, we need less overall volume to effectively monitor, thereby helping to reduce ear fatigue. 

The new Senal SMH-1000s are superior sounding studio monitor headphones that are based on a tried and true design, but sport some key advantages that set them apart from the rest of the pack. They are an excellent choice for commercial recording, broadcast and home studio as well as for live and location sound. In addition to their strength as professional monitoring headphones, they are also a capable solution for home and portable entertainment applications.

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Type  Circumaural, closed-back 
Driver  40mm, neodymium 
Frequency Range  10 Hz - 20 kHz 
Impedance  58 Ω @ 1 kHz 
Sensitivity  102 dB ±3 dB (@ 1 kHz/mW) 
Maximum Input Power  1000 mW 
Distortion  Less than 5% @ 1 kHz