Shmuli Evers, Reflection

Instagram of Empire State Building

This image was taken in the winter of 2013 after some rain had fallen, on a walk around the city. I always keep my eyes open for a puddle that could reflect a New York City icon.

In order to get a shot like this one, you do need to get on your knees, and be on the receiving end of all strange looks. Best reflections are achieved by placing the lens as close as possible to the puddle, sometimes even getting your device a little wet.

I set my phone's camera to the HDR mode to get the fullest possible dynamic range. Then the trick is to keep your camera aligned so the reflections and buildings line up. This can be very difficult at times, because you're in a very strange position. I usually take a few photos to make sure I get the shot that I want, without too many distractions.

To get the best coloring and contrast, and to straighten the photo fully, I used an app called Snapseed.

This photo was taken with a Samsung S3 smartphone.

About Shmuli Evers: UX designer by day, photographer by night. Originally from Holland, avid cyclist Evers is the father of three boys, and is also a Rabbi.

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alright Shmuli!

Amazing Picture. Thanks for the trick tips. 

 By placing the camera on the Ground.

Thanks for posting!

Great shot! Very sharp for a smart phone.