The New Sony α (alpha) NEX-7


Question: What camera has a ridiculously hi-def, 24.3MP APS-C format imaging sensor and can fit in your pocket, interchangeable lens included?

Answer: Sony’s new α alpha NEX-7 (with a Sony E-series 16mm f/2.8 pancake lens).

No matter how you look at it, Sony’s second-generation NEX-7 is impressive on all fronts. Though smaller than many point-and-shoot cameras, the Sony alpha NEX-7 packs more resolving power than many, if not most full-size DSLRs. Unlike the original NEX-3 and NEX-5 that only had an LCD for composing pictures, the NEX-7 also features, in addition to a tiltable, 921,000-dot LCD, the same 2,359,000-dot OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF) found in Sony’s newest fixed-mirror DSLRs, the SLT A65 and A77. It’s not only crystal-clear, but makes it far easier to use in bright lighting conditions.

Along with a choice of hi-def image viewing options, the new NEX-7 contains a slew of serious imaging technologies including 10 frame-per-second image capture; HD AVCHD 60p/60i/24p video capture; full-time phase detection AF with 25 focus points for still capture; Live View and movie modes; an Intelligent AF mode; ISO 16,000 sensitivity; JPEG, RAW and JPEG/RAW still capture; shutter-lag times as short as 0.02-second; P/A/S/M operating modes; an iAUTO mode; up to 400 exposures per charge; and Auto HDR and Dynamic Range Optimizer (DRO) for enhanced shadow and highlight detail.

Additional Sony-specific imaging features found in the Sony alpha NEX-7 include a choice of 2D or 3D Sweep Panorama modes; a Handheld Twilight mode for tripod-free imaging under the lowest of lighting conditions; SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization; Object-Tracking AF for quick-moving subjects; in-camera (triple-exposure) Auto HDR; a built-in flash (GN6); a peaking function for precision manual focus;an HDMI output; and an Intelligent AF mode that pre-focuses the scene as you co compose it.

The Sony alpha NEX-7 is compatible with all Sony E-mount optics as well as optics from other manufacturers via optional lens adapters. 

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pricing and availability??


We have no expected delivery date at this time. We estimate the body to sell for $1199.99 and the kit with the 18-55mm lens for $1349.99.

We will post any info we learn fronm Sony on our web site.

Sony NEX-7

Im very interested in the Nex-7 camera...    I have two Nex-5s and I want a seven...

Are there any time shipping dates set yet??    I would like to place an order for the camera body..

I need to know how to pre order the camera body..     Can I send a check for the amount and have

an order placed that way??    Please let me know as I would like to have an early order of the

camera,       Thanks  TED LARSON        


We do not expect to see shipments before November of this year.  We only accept advance orders for items that we have confirmed are is distribution in the US. Once we have this information, we will post on our web site that we are accepting orders or have received the cameras and they are in stock.

GPS tagging?


At this time, Sony does not list any GPS function for the NEX 7.  Once we see the camera, we'll know for sure.

In camera stabilization? No canon lenses adapter? Option of media card?why 2.3 mpx viewer and such low pixel count LCD? Single size jpeg/raw?10 frames per sec. Is that raw or jpeg? Battery life in video mode? Unlimited lenght for video or is it limited to a certain file size? Is this bundled with any kind of software, how about video editing software?


iAUTO Mode
Unifies and simplifies Sony intelligent technologies. Takes advantage of Intelligent Scene Recognition, Face Detection technology, and Optical SteadyShot image stabilization without leaving auto mode so you always get the best shot.

The camera accepts Memory Stick PRO Duo, Pro-HG Duo, PRO-HG HX Duo, SD, SDHC, and SDXCmemory cards.

"why 2.3 mpx viewer and such low pixel count LCD?"  I am sorry, this we do not know.

"Single size jpeg/raw?" I believe so but cannot be 100% until we see the camera up close.

Up to 10 fps continuous shooting at full 24.3 MP resolution with exposure and focus fixed at the first frame.My guess would be JPEG, but again, until we see the camera I cannot say for sure.

Sony does not yet list battery life for video nor clip length.

Sony includes with the camera; Supplied Software : PMB (Picture Motion Browser) v5.2; Image Data Converter SR v3.2; Image Data Lightbox SR v2.2

For the available spec's

Sony NEX-7 Specifications

Why waste pixels on LCD screen which is hardly visible during daylight shooting? EVF is the way to go! I believe 10 FPS shooting is possible in RAW+JPEG mode, but buffer will be filled with just 5 shots or even less.


wondering what the resolution of the hdmi out is? and is it free from guides and a red record spot - if the user wishes?



Since the NEX 7 is not available yet, we have no way of knowing and Sony has not posted any information regarding your concerns. We tested an NEX 5n in the store and found via HDMI output while hooked up to an HDMI monitor the video portion of the signal is not full screen, it takes up roughly 70% of the screen biased toward the left side.  Also, the graphic overlay cannot be removed fully.  The HDMI resolution setting has no impact on these factors.  It only switches between 1080i and 1080p output signals. Hope this helps.


I would like to know if Ninja 2 HDMI recorder would work well with Sony NEX-7, and whether NEX-7 produces the uncompressed clean, 10-12 bit/color HDMI output that can take maximum advantage of Ninja 2?

Many thanks


The Ninja 2 will work with the NEX-7, however the output is compressed.

Ladies and Gents,

I need the following information to take a buying decission between NEX7 plus Sony f4 18105 plus Atomos or
Sony rx10 plus Atomos.


What delivers the NEX7 over the HDMI Output.
Is it 4:2:2 8 bit or nothing?

Can I add the XLR Connections onto the NEX7?

What delivers the rx10 over HDMI?

I know it is a small Sensor, so can it produce some dof in average situations (street; Interviews, 2 meter distancew to talent?

Thank you very much for providing the Info
Cheers Uwe Lauer

What delivers the NEX7 over the HDMI Output.
Is it 4:2:2 8 bit or nothing?

--Sony doesn't advertise the HDMI specs for the NEX7. I do not believe it is a clean output.

Can I add the XLR Connections onto the NEX7?

--You can purchase an XLR adapter to use with the camera mini mic input.

What delivers the rx10 over HDMI?

--The RX has an uncompressed 8bit 4:2:2 HDMI output.

I know it is a small Sensor, so can it produce some dof in average situations (street; Interviews, 2 meter distancew to talent?

--With the 2.8 fixed lens you can produce a shallow depth of field with the RX10.