Holiday 2012: Video Gifts and Gear

Holiday shopping for a professional photographer or videographer can be hard to do without breaking the bank. Most professional grade gear is justifiably very expensive, and you probably don’t want to buy someone an inferior version of something they already have.

Working with Sliders

This video covers the basics of working with a camera slider. Mia McCormick demonstrates the Glidetrack HD, the Varavon Slidecam Mini and the Cinevate Atlas 10. You’ll learn about the relative merits of a ball bearing and friction free sliders, as well as some tips and tricks for making smooth camera movements.

Compact Support Solutions: Portable Systems for Your Smartphone, Tablet and Mobile Devices

Thanks to amazing advancements in portable media, you can now capture gorgeous still images and video with your smartphone, as well as with your tablet PC. Of course, you need not use these devices exclusively for photography or videography. 

Glidetrack Camera Slider Rigs

TV and movie viewers are accustomed to seeing silky-smooth dolly shots in just about everything they watch. They're an essential ingredient in the language of the screen, and a useful creative option that every production should have. 

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