Macro Photography

Video: Tips for Zooming in on Wildlife and Improving Your Macro Photography

Frustrated with taking blurry macro images? In this video, from the 2015 OPTIC Imaging Conference, Roman Kurywczak will teach you how to take stunning, tack-sharp macro images, whether out in the field or in a studio setting. Macro photography can take the viewer into another world and the act of making the images transports the photographer into a shooting nirvana. Roman will show you how to take your macro images to the next level and help you create your own stunning works of art!

More Ways to Do Macro Photography

In the last macro photography segment, we looked at three easy ways to get into macro photography: macro lenses, extension tubes, and close-up filters. As with most things photographic, there are many different ways to accomplish a single task, and macro photography is no different.

Three Ways to Do Macro Photography

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to expand your photographic horizons is to use your camera to explore the world on a very small scale. Close-up, or macro photography, can turn everyday objects into visually interesting images and bring a new dimension to your photography.

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