camera holster

PhotoPlus 2013: Peak Design's Camera Holster System

After using Kickstarter to fund the original Capture camera holster system, Peak Design is out with version 2 and a variety of new accessories. This slick new design features a clip that you attach to your belt or another strap, which allows you to quickly snap your camera in and out. The Capture and Capture Pro models can carry your large camera system with ease. And they are compatible with Arca-Swiss and Manfrotto tripods, if you pick certain models.

New Wearable Camera-Support Systems from Cotton Carrier

Cotton Carrier Camera Support Systems are a neat, practical and functional way to carry photo gear on the run. Harness-like in a one-size-fits-all design, Cotton carriers are available in two styles based on the type of (and how many) cameras you are using.

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