Carts & Handtrucks

Luxor: AVJ42 Cart and Reversible Magnetic Whiteboard

Luxor manufacturers a variety of different size carts, display stands, whiteboards and more. One of their most versatile AV / utility carts is the adjustable AVJ42. It features three roll-formed shelves with a powder coat finish.

Event-Ready Bags and Cases

Even among the likeminded, you’ll find those who prefer standard-issue shoulder bags, and others who go for photo backpacks, sling and holster-style bags or hard cases.

Everyone Can Use a Little Rock N Roller

I've always had trouble with the term "dolly." It's just far too wimpy of a word for a tool that enables you to move 500 pounds of equipment with ease. I've always gravitated toward the term "hand truck." The manufacturer Multicart went one step further by naming their dolly products "Rock N Rollers." It doesn't matter if you're a photographer, videographer, a lighting tech or an audio nerd; a good cart will improve your quality of life.

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