Travel Series

The Travel Series: Iceland and the Journey of Seeing

I think that travel can be an important part of the creative experience for photographers. The idea of the open road and the images you’ll find there is a powerful draw. Seeing new sights and exploring new visual territory can be very invigorating and it helps to kindle the creative spark. You see things in a new way because the primary purpose of the journey is to see, to view the world with new eyes, and create something from that vision.


The Travel Series: Making Stereographic Projections, with Michael Murray

The Travel Series: Storm Photography Tips, with Mike Mezeul II

The Travel Series: Jet-Set Shooting with Mirrorless Cameras and iPad Apps


The Travel Series: Putting the Give Back into Your Picture Taking

Much of life as a professional photographer involves taking—indeed, our job description as photographers is that we take photos for a living. It is a beautiful way to make a living and see the world and all the richer, I have found, when we are able to create opportunities to give as well.


The Travel Series: The Benefits of Making Virtual Contact Sheets

The Travel Series: Creating Sketches in the Field

When I'm on location, I shoot lots of material. I cull my work constantly, and feel relieved every time I delete another hundred or so images. Some people are amazed that I delete anything, and almost everyone is amazed at just how much I delete.


The Travel Series: How to Shoot 360-Degree Panoramas

The Travel Series: Finding the Most Interesting Things to Shoot

The Travel Series: Top 10 Rules of Travel Photography

Photography is not about the camera. It’s not even about the beautiful images we create. It is about telling powerful stories. Photography is a tool for creating awareness and understanding across cultures, communities, and countries; a tool to make sense of our commonalities in the world we share. I believe the way to find common ground is by seeing yourself in others.


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