film cameras

Lomography Belair Medium Format Camera

In this digital age, no one preserves the integrity and mainstream appeal of analog film cameras quite like the Lomography community. Thanks largely to their efforts, medium format has seen a resurgence in popularity among contemporary photographers. Many of Lomography’s cameras, in addition to classic medium format models, utilize 120 film to its fullest creative potential. Yielding a larger negative than 35mm, 120 film comes wound on an open spool with a light-tight paper backing.

Summertime Photography Fun with the Kids

Summer is the time of the year when kids are off from school, the sun is shining and outdoor activities abound. It is the perfect time to stimulate a child’s interest in photography as an aside to their already active schedules. Additionally, it is the perfect time to capture images of your children out and having fun in the warm weather.

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