Action Photography

Delkin Fat Gecko Support Systems

According to photographer/CEO Martin Wood, his modest $10,000 startup in 1986 proved to be a seminal event for Delkin Devices that formed the company's light-on-their-feet, responsive operational philosophy stressing "change, inspiration and a limitless imagination." It also imbued the company with a sense of humor.

Gravity-Inspired Photography: Images from a Vertical World

Mark Fisher gives a two-part presentation at B&H: Part One highlights Fisher’s work as one of the most sought-after and published ski photographers in the world and, specifically, his work photographing the top professional skiers in one of the most demanding and beautiful natural environments—Alaska.

The Thrill of Victory: Sports Photography

There are two cardinal rules for capturing great sports photographs. First, know your equipment, and second, know the sport. There are several secondary rules that are just as important and all of these, plus more, are covered in Jeff Cable’s extensive ninety-plus-minute presentation.

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