Dan Bailey

1 year ago

Wintertime in Alaska is often dark and cold, with no sign of bare dirt for months. That doesn’t stop us from riding bikes, though—we just bundle up and use bigger tires. It’s the same with photography. Winter adds significant challenges for shooting action, and in order to deal with it, we just bundle up and use bigger lights.

4 years ago

 Why do certain photographs appeal to us so much while others do little to spark our interest? Sometimes it has to do with our emotional connection to the subject matter, but more often it has to do with human evolution and the way that we see.

4 years ago

Light that comes into a scene off-axis from the camera view will ALWAYS look more dynamic, interesting and pleasing. It looks more three-dimensional, and it creates shadows on textures, shapes and form that enhance the visual appeal of the image.

And aside from that, using the flash off-camera prevents red eye and that horrible “deer in the headlights’ look that straight-on flash usually gives. You probably already know all this, though.

Of course, the main issue with using off-camera flashes is how to trigger them. Essentially, there are five different ways to trigger a remote lighting unit:

4 years ago

 I took up photography while attending music college for recording engineering, and although I didn’t pursue a career in music, I’ve tried to follow the industry