David Brommer

9 months ago
Imagine traveling with a small camera kit that weighs less than 5 pounds and produces photographs worthy of a National Geographic photographer. Imagine being able to shoot all day, walk to the top of the mountain, and not have an aching back? Then imagine returning home and all the post-processing work is done and your images are ready to be printed or posted to your blog. How about traveling...
3 years ago

Vivian Cherry, a recent recipient of the B&H Photo Lifetime Achievement Award, has a new memoir out, Vignettes: Chapters from a Life. VIGNETTES, a collection of chapters from the life of Vivian Cherry, integrates two art forms, memoir and photography. Ms. Cherry is a quintessential New Yorker, born of immigrant parents. The book is a stunning account of the past of a photographer who came of age during WWII in NYC. She is also one of the last surviving Photo League members at 92 years old as of the publication of this article.

We recently talked to Vivian a bit about her experiences as a photographer during her years and years of shooting.

3 years ago

The custom functions in a digital SLR camera are among the keys to unlocking its true potential, but many photographers find them difficult to understand and use. Rudy Winston from Canon delivers a presentation at the B&H Event Space that will simplify the custom functions in EOS digital SLRs by highlighting the most commonly used ones and providing examples of when to use them to obtain the greatest benefits.

3 years ago

Creators of digital media, both professional and amateur, have voracious storage requirements. They require high-performance storage forĀ  photo and video editing with programs like Aperture, iPhoto, Photoshop and Lightroom, Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Additionally, creators need secure storage to back up and protect their work. Digital-media creators are not Information Technology (IT) experts, and selecting storage systems is not their primary focus.