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4 years ago

I try not to fetishize gear. When you shoot as much as I do, everything loses its luster quickly—figuratively and literally. Cameras, lenses and lights are just the sum of their capabilities, and all that matters is how they'll help you achieve different visions. But my heart still skipped a beat when the updated version of Nikon's 200mm f/2 lens showed up on my doorstep.

5 years ago

Screen shot 2011 02 21 at 11 37The era of digital sensors has created a pervading fear of dust among photographers. Many shooters try not to change lenses except when they have to, and they pale at the thought of a gaping-open lens mount. But sometimes it's worth throwing caution to the wind. Often times I find the wrong way to use my equipment is the best way. Let me introduce you to the world of freelensing.