Val Lazarev

1 month ago
Shave an inch from the thickness of the Switronix HyperCore battery, and you’ve got yourself the HyperCore Slim (14.8V, 82Wh), designed for UAV and gimbal applications, suitable for any application demanding a low-profile battery, and TSA-friendly. You may be familiar with the original HyperCore, a workhorse capable of...
1 month ago
If you’re a newcomer to vlogging, and you’re asked to dress a vlog set, a vlog background, your natural instinct might be to fancy it up. Similarly, if the vlog is topic-specific, you may want to gather numerous items related to that topic in the background. But you may be surprised to learn that these approaches are counterproductive in a vlog, and that something closer to the opposite is best,...
2 months ago
Built with dual 4K cameras with 230-degree fisheye lenses, the Insta360 is an advanced spherical camera that lets you see the world from every angle! Set it on your table, mount it on a tripod, fly it with a drone, or hold it in your...
2 months ago
Keep an all-encompassing eye on your home right from your phone! Featuring two 8MP image sensors with two back-to-back super-fisheye lenses, the ALLie 360° Spherical Camera allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom from floor to ceiling,...
3 months ago
If you shoot with up to 50 lb of weight, including with entry-level weights, you might find the new video-head lineup from Cartoni a very realistic match for your needs and investment considerations.  While the 80-year old Italian brand is most famed for its high-end tripod systems, over the past decade Cartoni has also been supporting reduced camera sizes with several entry- and mid-level heads...
4 months ago
Founded in 2014 by a group of engineers from Haverford Systems, PTZOptics is a new entrant into the PTZ camera market, and offers a lineup of competitive broadcast and web-conferencing systems. Haverford Systems is the parent company, backing PTZOptics with its resources and decades of industry expertise....
6 months ago
Your iPhone probably won’t replace your Canon EOS 5D. However, if you’re still going to shoot on an iPhone because:
  • “it’s cool”
  • it’s all you have
  • you heard of its feats at the Zacuto shootout
  • Tangerine, a recent Sundance hit, was shot on an iPhone
  • you can get enough friends with iPhones to shoot multi-cam
  • you’re entering into one of many mobile...
1 year ago
The HyperCore battery, from industry staple Switronix, is a combination of power with everything else a user may want, including aesthetics. Its main trademark is the HyperCore cell, which can handle average 10A draws for multiple hours without losing service life. This is complemented with intelligent internal technology, 1,000 charge/discharge cycles, well-backlit LCD right on the front, a...
1 year ago
Measuring only 3x2", the VidiU Mini is Teradek’s ultra-portable version of the original VidiU, and it offers the same ability to stream live to RTMPs over Wi-Fi, or to transmit a feed wirelessly to Teradek’s Live:Air iPad/iPhone live production app. The main differences between the...
1 year ago
This year’s IBC was a big event for Blackmagic Design, with the company announcing significant additions across several product lines, as well as the acquisition of the VFX software maker eyeon, substantially strengthening Blackmagic’s hardware and software offerings. The popular Cinema Camera and Production Camera 4K will now both be available with PL lens mounts. This enables the use of...
1 year ago

Sony has introduced three new camcorders as upgraded replacements for predecessor models. Heading the list is the professional news gathering/TV production XDCAM PDW-850, replacing the PDW-700 and PDW-F800 and offering a long list of new features.

1 year ago

Canadian manufacturer MuxLab offers a lineup of matrix switches, receivers, and splitters featuring, among them, HDBaseT technology, modular I/O support, 2K/4K resolution support, and Power-over-Ethernet.

2 years ago

Showing at NAB 2014, the Hoodman HCD7 for the Convergent Design Odyssey 7 and 7Q is a collapsible anti-glare hood featuring a rain/dust cape for protecting the rear connections. The hood secures with two elastic straps that offer adjustable buckles, and removes without hassle.