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iPad For Video

The iPad can be a valuable tool for the video professional, capable of serving both as a camera to shoot video and an editing platform for post—the iPad Pro being capable of editing 4K video.

Utilizing the intuitive tactile input provided by its touchscreen, you are able to manipulate video files from any location. Recently, a series of Bentley Motors ads was shot completely on the iPhone 5s, and initial edits were made using iMovie on iPads. While iMovie is not something you would generally use to edit a professional production, it demonstrates that the iPad may be a force in professional video editing sooner than we might have expected.

The iPad can run many major apps that can be lifesavers for video professionals. From slates identifying your shots to shot lists and storyboards, if there is something to be done during the production of your project, chances are there is an app that will help you along the way. For further reading, this B&H article points out some of the apps that are available to filmmakers and help make their lives a little bit easier using the iPad.

Many new consumer cameras feature Wi-Fi connectivity and iOS apps to view and control what the camera sees and records with your iPad or iPhone. Apps by camera makers, like GoPro, allow you to view, shoot, and edit videos while wirelessly connected to the camera, and upload videos straight to YouTube from your iPad. 

While a growing number of shooters are connecting and controlling external cameras via their iPad, many choose to make use of its built-in camera. Able to shoot and record video at standard 30 fps or slow motion at 120 fps, the iPad on its own can shoot stunning 1080p high-definition videos for both private and commercial applications. Cases, lenses, and microphones are able to improve the ergonomics and functionality of the iPad as a primary camera. With specialized cases made for filmmakers, like the Makayama Movie Mount, the iPad can be used on a tripod while accessory mounting points facilitate on-camera lights and microphones. The fixed lens of the iPad works well for many types of shooting, but add-on lenses provide more options for projects that may need a wide or telephoto lens.

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