Teleprompters: Software & Entry-Level Options - Episode 2


This segment focuses on simple, entry-level teleprompter systems and teleprompter software. It touches on topics such as smooth scrolling, the distance from the presenter to the lens, and (related to that) the appropriate size for text. For simple teleprompter systems, several freeware teleprompter programs are available. Some of these can smooth out the jitter that can sometimes plague teleprompter playback, and many include views for both the on-camera talent (flipped view) and producer (standard view).

However, for advanced functions such as working with multiple scripts and segments, a commercial software program might be necessary. Advanced setups rely more on the display hardware to accomplish various tasks, such as flipping the teleprompter image so that talent can read the text. The advantages of assigning tasks to hardware are clear—it takes some of the processing load off the CPU driving the display, so the computer can focus on presenting smooth-scrolling text.

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