Hands-On Review: the Cerevo LiveShell


The Cerevo LiveShell is a lightweight, easy-to-use, live-streaming device that connects directly to your camcorder or DSLR without the need for a computer. Use the LiveShell to stream live 480p video to the Web via services such as USTREAM, Livestream, or the RTMP server of your choice. There's both a Cat-5 input and a wireless adapter for connecting to a nearby wireless signal, whether it's coming from a 2.4 GHz router or a 4G hotspot.

The Cerevo LiveShell works as advertised; it's easy to set up and to start streaming. You will experience some latency from source to stream, and lots of movement within the frame may trigger buffering. But the LiveShell is a simple solution for broadcasting live to the Web. Just connect your camcorder or DSLR to the device via HDMI, or even analog composite cables, and you can run a separate audio input directly to the Cerevo LiveShell.