AJA Releases Accessories for the New CION Video Production Camera


If you’re looking to customize your CION Production Camera, AJA now has a variety of new accessories to suit almost every need. The list of 15 accessories includes items for almost every part of the camera, top to bottom and front to back.  

Within the lineup you’ll find a Rod-to-Rosette Adapter that mounts on 15mm rods and lets you attach handgrips and other rosette accessories, or a Front Baseplate that attaches to the bottom cheeseplate at the front of the camera and allows you to install 15mm rods for a follow focus and other gear. There’s also a Rear Baseplate that attaches to the battery adapter plate and supports accessories on the back of the camera, or an Upper Rod Clamp that enables you to mount accessories above the lens instead of below. Also new from AJA is a highly adjustable Viewfinder Mount that uses sliding 15mm rods and an L-shaped bracket and supports both EVFs and onboard monitors. Additionally available is a LANC Collar that attaches to AJA handgrips or any 15mm rod and connects into either of CION’s two LANC ports and works as a simple Start/Stop trigger. Also available will be 6" and 9" Rosette Extension Arms that let you switch between shoulder level or chest level, an Additional Handgrip, similar to the one already included with the camera, a Wedge and Heel for ENG plates, Coiled and Straight LANC Cables, and a Top Handle Mount.

All these accessories are designed to match the look of the camera and integrate seamlessly into the CION Production Camera, right out of the box.

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