CES 2015: Steadicam Smoothee Gets a Universal Adapter


As you probably know, the Steadicam Smoothee is an ingenious, gimbaled, counter-weighted image-stabilization device which, as its name implies, is designed to enable you to shoot smooth jerk- and jiggle-free movies handheld when using a cell phone or other small video-capture device (such as a GoPro HERO). Indeed, it’s nothing less than a simplified, miniaturized version of the Academy Award-winning Steadicam used by countless Hollywood cinematographers.

Until now, the cradles for attaching devices to the Smoothee have been model-specific, accommodating one or perhaps two models of, say, the iPhone, and switching to another model required buying another cradle. At CES 2015, the Steadicam folks demonstrated a new adjustable Universal Cradle that will enable a wide variety of cell phones (including the large-format iPhone 6 Plus) to be used directly on the Steadicam Smoothee, thus eliminating the multi-cradle dilemma. Judging by the quality and finish of the new Universal Cradle, it’s evident that it’s nearing production, and they say it’s slated to be available sometime in 2015.

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