Eizo Brings to Light New Small Color Edge 4K Monitors


Squeezing 4K resolution into a 24" monitor may seem like a simple process, but being able to retain 4K resolution with pixels packed so tightly together, it becomes difficult to see all the detail in the image, and as such may not be such a simple process. At this year's NAB, Eizo showed two prototype 10-bit 4K resolution Color Edge Color Calibration monitors that push the viewing resolution of smaller panels to the to the limit. These Color Calibration monitors share features with Eizo's other Color Edge Monitors, which prevent brightness and color drift, ensuring consistent display performance throughout the day. The 24" monitor offers 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution, an actual 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and it displays 99% of Adobe RGB, 93% of DCI, and 100% of the REC 709 color space. The slightly larger 31" monitor displays 4K resolution of 4096 x 2160, which even in this larger-sized panel, strains the eyesight of the sharpest observer, discerning all the highly articulated detail in the image. It offers Both Display Port and HDMI inputs, a 1500:1 true contrast ratio, and displays 99% Adobe RGB, and 98% of the DCI gamut, making these two powerful tools for working with color accurate imaging tools.

Please check back for pricing and availability

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when will it begin shipping and how much are the estimate retail price

The monitors shown at NAB were prototypes. Eizo has not announced a price or release date yet unfortunately. Once they do it will be listed on our website. 

For this resolution the 31" will be the best bet,anything smaller and the pixels are too small,really looking forward to the 31" being released!

This sentiment is the ignorant.  If are able to say that "pixels are too small" that infers that you *see* the pixels. That is not supposed to be the case. It was only with shift to the rectangular formation (with race to higher resolution while hitting bandwidth etc issues in CRT's) that caused the pixels to be more visible. Original CRTs used pixel formation that better hided the implementation details of the monitor.

We should go back to odd-shape pixel formation at very high DPI. This will completely eliminate need for anti-aliasing and at high-dpi the rectangular formation is not needed for fake-sharpness.

I'm glad that Samsung has noticed this problem and started to use again different type of matrices than just the rectangular RGB .

Hi, Do you know when have te 31" in stock? Any idea about the price?



The monitors shown at NAB were prototypes. Eizo has not made an announcement about price or availability yet unfortunately. Once they provide us with more information, we would put this up on our site.