High-Altitude Visuals: Elvid SkyVision Wireless LCD Monitor and Bracket


Whether you are a casual flyer or shooting aerial shots for your movie, you want to see what your camera is capturing while you fly your quadcopter. Analog monitors allow you to see a video image, long after digital monitors have turned to useless black or blue screens. The Elvid SkyVision 7" wireless LCD monitor, with its built-in wireless receiver, is compatible with optional transmitters in the 5.8 GHz frequency range, including DJI products.

With 32 channels over 4 bands, and RF analog input, the monitor also supports HDMI and composite signals in PAL and SECAM, so it can be used in most production environments. Elvid also presents a smartly designed bracket for attaching your monitor to RC remote controls from DJI and Futaba, positioning the monitor comfortably near your hands, and providing near-instant visual feedback as you fly your remote device.

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what is the distance that video can be recieved from this wireless monitor. I'm getting a DJI phantom 2 quad and use my gopro 3+ video camera so what else do I need to be able to have this work for me. Granted I can use my Iphone, but this is a much larger screen. Thanks in advance, Mike Corcoran

First I need to warn you to not use the wifi app on you phone to get the video downlink. It opporates on the same frequency as the controls for the quadcopter and can make it go out of control in flight.

This piece is to downlink the the video to your monitor. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1000577-REG/dji_iosdmini_iosd_mini_on.html

This piece overlays flight information such as heading, altitude, speed, and more on to the video downlink. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/998680-REG/dji_cp_al_000001_5_8gzhz_video_kit.html

Most commonly used with the monitor is the DJI AVL 5.8:
This will give you up to 3937' Line of Sight Range.
The wifi on the GoPro cannot be used as it will interfere with the flight of the copter.