NAB 2015: Aputure DEC Wireless Remote Adapter


In the following video, B&H Photo’s Steven Gladstone meets up with Ted Sim, from Aputure, on the NAB 2015 trade show floor for a hands-on look at the new DEC Wireless Remote Adapter. Sure to excite owners of E-mount or MFT-mount cameras, such as the Sony a7S or Panasonic GH4, the adapter allows you to mount and control focus and aperture of EF and EF-S lenses wirelessly. The adapter works by communicating directly with the internal autofocus motor in the EF lens, providing smooth focus pulls and aperture changes using an included wireless rocker handle. A clamp is also provided for attaching it to a tripod pan, as well as a hard case to store all of the components. To further excite shooters, Ted Sim also hints at a future focal-length-reducing version for shooters who want to maintain more of the native angle of view of their full-frame lenses on cameras with APS-C or MFT-sized sensors.

Please check back for pricing and availability.

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Do they plan yo make a Nikon version? 

I haven’t heard of an impending Nikon version.  It would likely be difficult to make one for Nikon lenses: their design is mechanical as compared to Canon (which are electronic).