NAB 2015: DJI Announcements


In this clip from the NAB show floor, Sheldon, from DJI, introduces us to the new, camera-equipped Phantom 3's. There are two models, the 4K Professional edition and the 1080p Advanced edition. In addition to video, both quadcopters take 12MP photos and are stabilized by an integrated 3-axis gimbal. We also receive an introduction to the Inspire 1, a professional imaging platform with 4K camera and lifting landing gear/prop strut assemblies that enable unencumbered 360-degrees of shooting—basically, you can point the camera in any direction except up. The Inspire 1 supports two controllers and is ideal for two-person shoots—one to pilot and one to operate the camera. 

In addition to two new Phantom 3 quadcopters, DJI unveils a lighter version of the Ronin handheld stabilizer, the Ronin-M. The new gimbal carries over most of the features of the original, but weighs just over 5 lb and has a capacity of up to 8 lb. This makes it ideal for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, as well as compact video cameras and even some smaller cinema cameras. New features for the M version include Silent Mode, which can correct for less extreme motion—say, handshake, as opposed to running with it—while keeping motor noise to a minimum. In most cases, normal motor noise isn't a problem, but in a tight space where the camera and gimbal are close to the subject (and thus the microphone) it can become an issue. As with its predecessor, a handheld controller is included for two-person operation. Additionally, there will be a Thumb Controller that enables manual camera movement using... just your thumb.

Please check back for pricing and availability.

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please, can you get someone else to do the interviews. i wasn't interested AT ALL based on him alone. no disrespect but i need someone with character