NAB 2015: GoPro HEROCast and HEROCast BacPac


GoPro has announced a solution to monitoring footage wirelessly from your HERO that doesn't required complicated, bulky third-party solutions—the HEROCast. The HEROCast relies on COFDM HD wireless transmission technology that GoPro co-developed with the help of VISLINK, a company most well-known in the Surveillance sector. The system uses H.246 encoding to deliver a live HD feed with minimal latency, and has been engineered to minimize power consumption—50% less than any other system, GoPro claims.

Two versions will be offered: the first is the regular HEROCast, which features a separate Tx module connected to the camera (or probably a third-party camera) via an HDMI cable. The second option is the HEROCast BacPac, which, like other BacPacs, mounts directly to the back of the HERO. Unlike a regular BacPac, this one is bulkier, with an antenna protruding from the top, and itself does not fit into a housing, though the camera can still be used with the housing for partial protection. Obviously, you won't take it diving, but HEROCast BacPac does feature an IP67 rating, meaning it is water resistant, even if temporarily submerged, so outdoor use in rain or snow won't be a problem.

Please check back for pricing and availability.

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