NAB 2015: Litepanels Astra LED Lights + Caliber LED Fresnel Lights


Join B&H Photo’s Steven Gladstone as he meets up with Alan Ipakchian, from Litepanels, for an overview of the Astra LED Panels and Caliber LED Fresnel 3-Light Kit. The first video below focuses on the Caliber lights, which are compact and versatile lights for on-camera and off-camera use, making them ideal for webcasters, bloggers, or videographers on the go. Ipakchian highlights the all-inclusive nature of the kit, which includes three fixtures, flexible mini tripods, barn doors, a filter set, and power supplies for AC or DC power. The lights can also be run on six AA batteries for approximately one hour. The lights are daylight balanced, dimmable, and flicker free. Featuring true Fresnel lenses, they can be focused from about a 15-degree spot to approximately a 70-degree flood. The entire kit is packed in a custom carry case that weighs less than 13 pounds when fully loaded.

In the next video, Alan Ipakchian discusses the Astra series of LED lights, which has been expanded from the original 1x1 panel to now include seven lights that offer different light output and price points. In addition to the original bi-color model, there are now daylight-only and tungsten-only versions that offer four times the brightness. There are also E and EP 1x1 models, with the E as bright as the original Astra and the EP twice as bright. Both the E and EP are available in bi-color or daylight-only versions. All of the Astra-series lights feature full dimming control, flicker-free operation, and can take advantage of a host of available accessories, including battery plates and filters that can bend and shape the native 45-degree beam angle from 30 to 60 degrees.

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