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Panasonic Flexible PTZ Video Cameras Now in 4K—Perfect for Studios, Stadiums, and More


Filling the production void in 4K PTZ controlled cameras, Panasonic introduces the AW-UE70, available in white or black. As production has moved from SD to HD and now 4K (UHD), PTZ cameras have often lagged behind, but not anymore. The AW-UE70 captures 4K or HD at broadcast-compatible frame rates of 29.97p and 50p, as well as 1080 at 59.94p, 59.94/50i, 29.97/25PsF, and 720 59.94/50p, so it can be integrated easily into a broadcast environment. However, leapfrogging forward in resolution doesn’t mean that Panasonic has left other features behind. The camera supports POE+, which means you can run just one Ethernet cable to power and control the camera and PTZ functions—there’s no need for a heavy power cable or battery system, making this camera perfect for installations in studios, stadiums, conference rooms, lobbies, event production, houses of worship, and retail locations. In addition to IP control, the AW-UE70 supports RS-232 and RS-422 protocols for flexibility in integration.

The camera itself is feature rich with a 1/2.3" Type MOS sensor, a 20x optical zoom, and SDI and HDMI output. It incorporates a microSD slot for onboard recording, a USB port for video output to a PC, and the Ethernet port permits control and live streaming in addition to providing power. It is worth noting that all outputs are active, even when recording, so you can stream from the camera while sending the camera’s signal to a switcher, capturing USB compatible video to a PC, and recording in-camera for backup. While this is all happening, you can still use the GUI interface to control the camera via the Ethernet port. It supports control by Mac, Windows, and mobile devices via its built-in web server. An audio input jack allows you to embed audio into the video signal or the IP video stream.

Attention has been paid to image quality and image gathering, with a host of choices to fine-tune your image, including Panasonic’s Dynamic Range Stretch, Digital noise Reduction, an HDR mode, color-temperature  adjustment, gamma correction, electronic shutter, and more. Night mode provides a monochrome image in the 850 nm range, adding reality show and sleep lab research to the types of productions for which this camera is suitable.

The PTZ functionality includes a 100 pre-set memory for quickly moving between camera positions. Beyond the GUI control, you can also control the PTZ functionality with Panasonic’s AK-HRP200G Paintbox Controller and the AW-HEA10 system. It is also compatible with third-party control systems, all of which make the AW-UE70 a powerful tool and a great advance forward in the PTZ field.