Revo Accessories for GoPro


Whether using your GoPro action camera for underwater filming, skydiving, or simply taking selfies, Revo has the accessory you need. From waterproof housings and mounts to upgraded thumbscrews with rugged aluminum construction, Revo covers all the bases.

You can get creative with camera angles using the adjustable Selfie-Stick, or decorate your camera with a Silicone Skin. Ensure your camera stays afloat with a buoyant Floating Hand Grip, or affix a Floaty life preserver directly to the back of the housing.

The most popular accessories, of course, are mounts, and Revo does not disappoint. These include a 7" Suction Cup Mount for mounting on smooth, flat surfaces such as a car windshield. A Vented Helmet Mount weaves through air holes on bike helmets, catcher's facemasks or hockey masks, while a Curved Adhesive Mount works on non-vented helmets. Additionally available is a Headband Mount that you clip on to a goggles’ strap—or use the included head strap to wear your camera without goggles. There is a also a Chest Mount and  Wrist Mount, each in its own way enabling you to capture lower angles than head-level POV shots allow. If you just want to use a tripod or other standard camera mount, there is also a Tripod Adapter with 1/4"-20 thread.

For those who have to be prepared for any situation, definitely check out the Maximum Boost Accessory Kit. It is an excellent way to get a head start into the GoPro world.

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