Unveiled: Atomos Shogun 4K HDMI Monitor/Recorder


Atomos, creator of the popular Ninja and Samurai external monitors/recorders, has announced a new 4K-capable model will be joining their lineup: the Shogun. As the world’s first 12G-SDI and 4K HDMI monitor/recorder, it is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the 4K HDMI output signal from cameras such as the Panasonic GH4 and newly announced Sony a7S. It is also the first recording solution available that can take full advantage of the a7S’s 120 fps 720p recording mode and custom HDMI timecode with Start/Stop trigger.

Please check back for pricing and availability

The Shogun records 10-bit 4:2:2 video onto a single SSD or RAIDed HDDs, captured using 4K/HD ProRes, Uncompressed RAW Cinema DNG, or Avid DNxHD codecs. As a monitor, the Shogun features a 7" IPS touchscreen display with Full HD 1920 x 1200 resolution, 400 nit brightness, and multi-frequency operation (48/50/60Hz) for super monitoring and playback of a variety of input frame rates.

Other new features of the Shogun include Genlock In for synching, optional Wi-Fi for remote control from iOS and Android devices, and improved audio handling with an included LEMO breakout cable for XLR audio. Like the Samurai and Ninja Blade, the Shogun provides a variety of ways to set up your shots, including waveform and other framing, focus, and exposure assisting tools.

Atomos plans to have the Shogun ready to ship in late Q3/early Q4 of 2014, with an anticipated price of under $2,000.

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the Shogun will be compatible with the RAW signal out of the FS700?

The Sony FS700R outputs 4K RAW via the SDI output on the camera. As this is only has HDMI inputs, it will not be compatible with the Sony FS700R for recording 4K.

Oliver, the Shogun has HDMI on the side, as you see in the picture, and SDI in and out on the back (along with genlock) all on fullsize BNC connectors.  It will also convert from HDMI to SDI or SDI to HDMI - they essentially built the capability of their mini converters into it!  It's an awesome unit.  I say this having just returned from NAB and speaking with one of the guys who made it - whose english is WAY better than my Japanese, but I aasked him twice and he seemed to know what I was asking.



So this is like a 4K Tablet version?

It is an on camera monitor and HD/4K recorder.

Glad I waited. This seems pretty slick.

When can i buy this?

Atomos has suggested the Shogun will be released sometime between October and December of 2014. Once they provide us with that information, we will update our website.

Looks nice, the Odyssey 7Q seems much nicer - plus it is shipping today.

Actually... Usually ships in 7-10 business days :)

... and the Odissey (which I've been saving for) records only from SDI... whereas this one both HDMI and SDI... AND the Odissey is over $2,000 - currently priced at 2,295 - I dunno... This "may" be a better option for those who've been waiting this long anywho...

Please send info on the new Shogun Monitor

Unfortunately, we do not have the Atomos Shogun up on our site at this time.  Until we get it up there, you can find additional information about the Shogun on the Atomos site.

This is what I have been waiting for, hope under $2000 is more like $1500-1600.   Will be getting a7s, but wonder exactly what this will be able to do with the FS700 and FS100

i love dis how much is it

Unfortunately, Atomos has not provided us with a price for this item yet. We will post this information on our website as soon as it becomes available. Please check back periodically for updates.


I would like to know if this Atomos Shogun is compatible with Video Camera Sony FX7E.

This will not be necessary for the Sony FX7 as it is only an HD camcorder, where the Shogun records the signal from a 4K camera. A better choice for an external recorder for the FX7 would be the Atomos Ninja 2 or the Vitec FS-H200. I have provided links to these items below:



It is great news for us who wants to take advantage of the 4:2:2: 10 bits to use with the GH4. My question is, if 7Q from Convergent Design will comes up with the same or better unit. The Atomos Shogun will have to place under $1500 to turn heads!


  If i will set 4k,100MBps option in GH4, then i will have to  set again " 4k prores" option in Atomos Shogun or what? Becos in GH4 the recording file format is "Mov".... but in Shogun it is Apple prores..Kindly explain.. Mov file format will not work??

It is recording an MOV file on the GH4. The color space is 4:2:0 though. Using the external recorder you will get Pro Res for the codec and access to the 4:2:2 color space from the sensor.


Let me know when you got it<!!

Once it is available for pre-order it will be listed on the B&H site.

I have a BMCC

Will I be able to record 120 fps from it and do 4K as well?

The recorder will only be able to record what the camera sends out. The BMCC does not offer 120fps or 4K output.

i have a samsung nx300,can i use the Shogun with it?

The Shogun will work with any camera with an uncompressed HDMI output. Samsung does not advertise the specs of the HDMI output for the NX300 though.

This is the greatest news of 2014. Atomos never disappoints.

Let me know when I can order mine!!!

How will this pair up with the canon mark 3 

Chris Monberg

B&H is now accepting pre-orders for the Atomos Shogun, so you could place your order for the recorder today by simply adding it to your cart and proceeding to checkout.  The Shogun would work perfectly well with the 5D III.

Will this be comptiable with the Black Magic Cinema Camera EF 2.5k   or   the   Black Magic Production Camera 4k??  

The Atomos Shogun is compatible with both the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and the Blackmagic Production Camera 4k.

When will this unit be available

The Shogun is expected September 2014.

This monitor can be used with Nikon D800, Nikon D4S
Sony NEX-FS700 and PWM F4 4k?

Please keep me informed of the date of avaibility


Hi Vincent -

The Shogun is expected September 2014.  We will be happy to keep you updated via e-mail.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:  AskBH@BandH.com



Hi Kenneth -

The Shogun is expected late September 2014.  We will be happy to keep you updated via e-mail.

B&H is now accepting pre-orders for the Atomos Shogun, so you could place your order for the recorder today by simply adding it to your cart and proceeding to checkout. 

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:  AskBH@BandH.com

Hello, I got a Question. The Nikon d7100 has HDMI direct output from the sensor, does it mean that it could work with the Atomos Shogun? 

The D7100 from NIkon will be compatible with the Atomos Shogun.

Excuse me the reiterative question, but I seem to need more information. I would like to Know if it means I will be able to shoot 4k in the Aromos Shogun directly from mi d7100. Also, another question, do you have direct shipping to Colombia, South America? Thank you very much for your attention. 

The Shogun will only record in the signal it receives. So from the Nikon it will record HD not 4K.

Due to Atomos restrictions we are not allowed to sell or ship Atomos products outside of the US, sorry. 

Send me informations about availability prices vendors and the like  along with technical informations please. Thx a lot for it in advance . Sincerely Paul Schmidt

You can find more information about the Atomos Shogun, such as price, estimated release date, specifications, and features on the recorder’s page on our site.  Click Here

If you have further questions about the Shogun, you can send us an email at: askbh@bandh.com

Please let me know when this product is released. Thanks!