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Unveiled: Yuneec Typhoon G, a Stabilized Aerial Platform for GoPro Enthusiasts

Yuneec has just announced the Typhoon G quadcopter, a new product that expands the company’s Typhoon product line to accept the popular GoPro HERO action cameras, for stable and high-quality video images. To support the GoPro camera, Yuneec includes a GB203 3-axis motorized gimbal mount that can compensate for pan, tilt, and roll, providing stable aerial footage while the drone is in motion. The GB203 gimbal is compatible with GoPro HERO3 and HERO4 cameras, and it connects to the camera’s HDMI port to transmit real-time video to the controller for monitoring via the MK58 5.8 GHz downlink.

Like the other drones in the Typhoon line, the Typhoon G offers different flight modes for different users. Smart Mode is designed for beginners, and designates a 26' radius around the pilot while keeping the stick controls relative to the pilot for easy navigation. Angle mode is optimized for more experienced pilots. It provides greater control with fewer barriers and assistance than the Smart Mode, and allows the drone to be angled in different ways, opening up greater possibilities for aerial photography.

For control, the Typhoon G comes with the ST10+ transmitter/personal ground station, providing advanced functionality and programming. A 5.5" touchscreen is built into the ST10+ to monitor footage from your GoPro camera, as well as the Typhoon G’s flight telemetry data. Any programming of the drone’s features, including geo-fence, dynamic return-to-home, follow me, and watch me modes can be controlled by the ST10+.

Also included with the Typhoon G is the Yuneec Steady Grip. The Steady Grip allows the GP203 3-axis gimbal to be used as a handheld stabilization platform. A smartphone clip on the top of the Steady Grip lets you use your smartphone to control and monitor your GoPro while you shoot and frame your shots.